The most common questions we receive are:

  • How do you pronounce Yawa Hctauqs?
  • It’s really quite simple. “Yawa”, as in “Jawa”. “Hc” as in the first sound of “Chutzpah”. “Tau” as in “what should be used instead of 2𝞹” and “qs” as in “kwiss”.

    What does Yawa Hctauqs mean?

    It’s Latin for “Attract the hairy beast”

    Does it work?

    We hate to admit it, but we haven’t had anywhere near the success that our sister company Squatch Away!® Sasquatch Repellent has experienced. They’re able to offer a 200% guarantee. We offer a 0% guarantee. It’s been really rough. Frankly, we’re all kind of amazed that we’re still employed. Maybe we’re just a tax write off for somebody.